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Hangzhou Xanadu Narada Hotel

Hangzhou Xanadu Narada Hotel is first five star international resort hotel in Hangzhou, located just 15 km West Lake and adjacent to Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park and Xiang Lake. Hangzhou Xanadu Narada Hotel 301 guestrooms and suites, two restaurants serving Chinese and Western cuisine, Lobby Lounge, fitness centre with 25 m indoor heated swimming pool and leisure activities, Extensive meeting and conference facilities. Hangzhou Xanadu Narada Hotel a total of 301 rooms, elegant decoration, elaborate layout, color and pleasing to the eye, give your first experience.Taoyuan Chinese restaurant showily elegance, you can enjoy highly skilled chefs carefully cooked new cuisines, native cantonese cuisine, elegant hangzhou sanjiang specialty and smaller range of afternoon tea.In Hangzhou Xanadu Narada Hotel conference center there are different sizes of conference rooms and VIP reception building 21.